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About Us

EEP Mekong at a Glance
Programme Components,
Results, Outputs and Activities
Organisation Structure
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Steering Committee
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EEP Partners

List of Partners

Steering Committee

Governments nominate two Steering Committee members from relevant ministries to the SC. The location and chairmanship of the SC rotates between the EEP Mekong countries. The Ministry for foreign Affairs of finland also nominatse their representatives to the SC. Observers may be invited as needed. The meeting is facilitated by the RCU that acts as a secretary to the Steering Committee.

There are minimum two SC meetings per year. The SC meetings are called latest two weeks before the meeting. An annotated agenda with supportive material and documents shall be included in the invitation.

Altogether, Steering committee ́s main role is to provide policy guidance and overall supervision. It oversees the achievement of the overall programme purpose and ensures the alignment with other national and regional initiatives and programmes.

Steering Committee Members

Ms. Marita Meranto
Desk Officer
Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Mekong Region
Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358 295 350575, Email: Marita.Meranto@formin.fi

Mr. Marko Saarinen
Regional Cooperation, Embassy of Finland, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: +84 4 3826 6788 Fax: +84 4 38266766
Email: marko.saarinen@formin.fi

Mr. Toch Sovanna
Director of Department of Energy Technique
Directorate of Energy, Ministry of Mines and Energy, Cambodia
Tel: +855 11959699, +855 17856927, Fax: +855 23990602
E-mail: tsovanna@hotmail.com

Mr. Chantho Milattanapheng
Deputy Director General
Institute of Renewable Energy Promotion,
Ministry of Energy and Mines, Lao PDR
Tel: +(856) 21 261799, Fax: +(856) 21 415714
E-mail: grecolaos@gmail.com

Daw Naing Naing Linn
Deputy Director
Directorate of Industry, Ministry of Industry, Myanmar
Tel: +95 67 405157, 95 92503900
E-mail: nnainglinn.mm@gmail.com

Mr. Somchai Stakulcharoen
Renewable Energy Expert
Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency
Ministry of Energy, Thailand
E-mail: somchai_st@dede.go.th

Ms. Pham Huong Giang
Senior Energy Expert
New and Renewable Energy Department, General Directorate of Energy
Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam
Tel: +84 422202515, Fax: +84 422202515
E-mail: GiangPH@moit.gov.vn


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