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EEP Mekong at a Glance
Programme Components,
Results, Outputs and Activities
Organisation Structure
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Past Activities
First Call for Proposals
Second Call for Proposals
Third Call for Proposals
Fourth Call for Proposals
Projects Under Implementation
First Regional Forum
Second Regional Forum
Third Regional Forum

EEP Partners

List of Partners

National Coordination Unit (NCU)

The National Coordinators (NCs) guide the development and the activities of the funded projects in their respective countries. The National Coordinators disseminate information on the EEP Mekong in their countries and encourage identification and development of projects. The National Coordinators contribute to the project selection process by defining the focus and country specific selection criteria together with the RCU. They also facilitate access to national financing schemes where possible.

Steering Committee members in each country will be responsible for setting up the NCU for their country.



EEP Global

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FInn Partnership
EEP Andean Region
EEP Indonesia