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Biomass to Energy and Biochar Communities

Shortly after the kick-off Steering Committee meeting closed on 26-February 2015 in Vientiane Lao PDR, Mr. Henri Horn, Senior Energy Advisor at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, together with team members from the EEP Mekong Regional Coordination Unit and representative from NIRAS Finland, travelled to Nakhon Phanom Province in Thailand. After an overnight stay they visited the EEP Mekong funded Biomass to Energy project including the BioChar related Community Development Project in Nakhon Phanom.

Thailand’s northeastern provinces have a high potential for biomass based renewable energy applications.  Also in Nakhon Phanom province, where the first biomass gasification power plant has been established with funds from the Thai Government. The power plant has an installed capacity of 300 kW and is selling electricity to the grid since May 2014.

“We realize the benefit of renewable energy”, said Mr. Siripong Saensuk, Deputy Chief Administrator of the Nakhon Phanom Provincial Administrative Organization in his discussion with Mr. Henri Horn. “Therefore, we have invested in the construction of the biomass gasification power plant. As of February 2015, the power output is approximately 212 kW, or 77% of the plant’s capacity”.

EEP Mekong funded activities are linked to this biomass initiative and focus on community capacity building and community livelihood improvement by using BioChar, an activated charcoal type of by-product from the biomass gasification process. The villagers use BioChar as soil conditioner leading to improve agricultural yields (rice, vegetables and fruit trees).

The project is implemented by Kasetsart University in Bangkok, together with Nakhon Phanom Provincial Administrative Organization and Supreme Renewable Energy Co.Ltd, a local biomass consultancy company. Total project duration is from September 2013 to December 2015.  

Dr. Orasa Suksawang, the Project Leader from Kasetsart University informed Mr. Henri Horn about the introduction of household size biomass gasifiers which not only produce BioChar but also generate thermal energy for cooking purposes. To achieve wide spread use of the gasifier and BioChar technology Dr. Orasa explained the project’s capacity building programmes for local multipliers (train-the-trainers), mainly teachers and village headmen. These multipliers disseminate the gasification technology and support the community’s farmers in their efforts to apply BioChar to improve agricultural productivity.

Field trip photos are available at EEP Mekong Flickr



Mekong Government Representatives Meet to Set Strategic Moves for the Four-Year Energy and Environment Partnership Programme

Press Release: 25 February, Vientiane, Lao PDR – Government representatives from Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam discuss and approve implementation strategy and plan for the Energy and Environment Partnership Programme with the Mekong Region (EEP Mekong), Phase II. The main focus is on increasing and improving access of rural population to sustainable and affordable energy services and products in the Mekong countries, as well as building climate change resilience of local communities through local decentralized renewable energy solutions.

Currently, there are 1.2 billion people around the world still living without access to electricity, and 2.8 billion without access to modern household fuels. Ensuring that all people around the world have access to modern energy services is fundamental to addressing nearly every major challenge and opportunity humanity faces today. Be it jobs, security, climate change, the empowerment of women, food production or household income, access to sustainable energy for all is essential for strengthening economies, protecting ecosystems and achieving equity. Access to energy that is sustainable, secure and affordable is a critical catalyst for economic growth and development.

Energy is in an excellent position to address the three pillars of sustainability: Economical, social and environmental. In many countries in the region, energy is precious, which makes energy development also an ideal business opportunity. Finland has had enormous advances in energy efficiency and diversification of sources, mainly because it has only few natural resources available but due to cold climate is very dependent on energy. This is why Finland participates in the global commitment to energy sector improvement. 

“Globally, the Government of Finland provides support to EEP in five regions. This includes Southern and East Africa, Central America, Andean Region, Indonesia and this one in the Mekong Region. We support access to sustainable renewable energy as well as promoting energy and overall resource efficiency, and research on the aforementioned. It’s our commitment to make sustainable energy reality for all”, says Mr. Marko Saarinen, Counselor, Embassy of Finland, Hanoi.

In the Mekong region, electrification has been high on the political agenda of the countries over the last decades and continues to be an important issue for most of countries in the region. Cambodia, Myanmar and, to a lesser extent, Lao PDR are still facing major challenges in achieving universal access to electricity, not only for rural but also for urban population.  

The objective of EEP is also to influence national and regional energy policies on renewable energy and energy efficiency, by means of disseminating the lessons learned from evidence-based solutions in order to contribute to an enabling environment for energy entrepreneurs and investment.

“Despite many already implemented programmes and several other ongoing initiatives, still an estimated 60 million people in the Mekong countries lack access to electricity, which underlines the importance of programmes like the EEP. Through the second phase of EEP Mekong, I believe that the Programme will contribute to a meaningful business-oriented outcome which can be implemented for real”, says Mr. Viraphonh Viravong, Vice Minister of Energy and Mines, Lao PDR  

The EEP Mekong, Eur 9.1 million funded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Finland, is a grant-making programme operating in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. The EEP has started the second four-year phase in November 2014, and will run until October 2018. During the first phase, EEP Mekong has funded 39 renewable energy related projects.

The three main components of EEP Mekong are; 1) mobilizing national and regional resources to implement sustainable and affordable rural energy solutions; 2) supporting renewable energy-based rural energy access projects; and 3) capacity building.

“EEP Mekong Regional Coordination Unit, based in Vientiane, is working closely with steering committee members and national coordination units in five Mekong countries. These are crucial arms to enhance the ownership of the programme and promote clean energy solutions in their respective countries through calls for proposals”, says Mr. Bernhard Meyhoefer, Programme Manager of EEP Mekong.

It is foreseen that there will be two calls for proposal issued during this phase. The first one is to be launched around mid 2015.

See photos from EEP Mekong Flickr

For more information and to set up interview, please contact:

Dararat Weerapong

Communications and Knowledge Management Coordinator
Regional Coordination Unit, EEP Mekong
M: +(856) 20 54250441, E: dararat.weerapong@eepmekong.org
Website: www.eepmekong.org

VIETNAM – Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) will pay high for biomass- made electricty

- The Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), the only electricity wholesale buyer, will buy power made from agricultural waste at 5.9 US cents per kwh, which is higher by 1.8 cents per kwh than the current average price.
- The Prime Minister has released the Decision on the Financial Support Mechanism to be applied to the biomass electricity manufacturers, which will take effect on May 10, 2014.
- Under the decision, within six months of the day that investors in biomass power projects make written proposals on selling electricity, EVN will have to sign electricity purchase contracts with them. A contract will be valid for 20 years, which can be extended later.
- Investors in biomass power plants not only can sell electricity at high rates, but also can enjoy a series of investment incentives. They are exempted from the import tax for those material and equipment imports that cannot be obtained domestically. They will also enjoy the corporate income tax remission and the land use fee reductions as designed for priority investment projects.
- Prior to that, in an effort to encourage investments in the energy recycling sector, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) had suggested a price of 6.1 US cents per kwh for electricity made of bagasse instead of 4 cents per kwh, as currently applied.
- A price level of 7.3 cent per kwh has been suggested for electricity from rice husk (4 cents per kwh currently). Meanwhile, electricity from the burning of garbage would be priced at 10 cents per kwh, and electricity from waste dumping 10 cents per kwh (now 4 cents per kwh)
- However, the Prime Minister has decided that biomass electricity will be priced at 5.8 cents, lower than the price levels suggested by MOIT.
- It is thought that the decision may discourage investors who are planning to pour money into biomass power projects.
- Power experts have noted that investors currently are not interested in biomass power projects, because of the low prices EVN pays for the generated electricity.
- They claim that the energy recycling sector in Vietnam can develop only if the government accepts to buy electricity at higher prices, thus allowing investors to make the profits that are sufficiently encouraging.
- Total electricity output in Vietnam is about 26,000 MW, of which electricity from recycling accounts for only 3.7 percent.
- A report of the Energy Institute asserts that there are 40 bagasse projects operational in Vietnam, but there are only five sugar plants that sell electricity to EVN to be sold on the national grid.
- In the southern city of Can Tho, a rice husk-made power plant is nearly getting completed with the boiler for electricity generation having installed. However, the investor does not sell electricity to EVN because of the low prices. It now sells steam to the enterprises in the Tra Noc Industrial Zone to dry catfish products for export.
- Scientists have pointed out that Vietnam has great potential to generate electricity from solid waste, with 100 million tons of material created every year. This includes 40 million tons of straw, 8 million tons of rice husk, 6 million tons of bagasse, and 0.3 million tons of coffee bean bark, wood and coconut waste.


4th EEP Mekong Annual Regional Forum ‘Solar Power – An Abundant Energy Resource in the Mekong Region: Prospects, Challenges and Opportunities’ a sucess.

4th EEP Mekong Regional Forum, Siem Reap, Cambodia, 24th – 25th October, 2013

Around 150 participants from the Mekong Region and as far away as Switzerland and Finland took part in the 4th EEP Mekong Annual Regional Forum ‘Solar Power – An Abundant Energy Resource in the Mekong Region: Prospects, Challenges and Opportunities’, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia on 24-25th October, 2013. The Forum was organised by the Energy Environment Partnership with The Mekong Region (EEP Mekong) together with its partner in Cambodia, the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy (MIME).

The forum was opened by H.E. Dr. Sat Samy , the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy of Cambodia, who in his keynote address emphasized  the importance of tapping into vast renewable energy resources such as solar power as a means of generating affordable, efficient and environmentally safe sources of electricity in the region. The Forum also featured:

  • Presentations by senior government officials from Lao PDR, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam (highlighting their countries solar energy outlook).

  • Presentations on solar energy project related topics by experts from varied professional fields (technical and financial aspects).

  • Questions & Answer moderated sessions.

EEP Mekong would like to thank all speakers for their interesting presentation and participants for their attendance. The Forum successfully served as an open and unique platform within which the participants could discuss the key issues currently facing the Solar industry.

Forum proceedings will be available soon.


EEP Mekong launches Call for Proposals for a Pilot Project in Myanmar

Myanmar has recently joined the EEP Mekong Programme as a partner country. EEP Mekong recently held a workshop for project developers in Yangon, Myanmar to introduce the EEP Mekong Programme and provided them with insights on how they can participate in the Programme.

EEP Mekong is pleased to announce that we are seeking proposals for a Pilot project in Myanmar. The technical focus of the proposed projects must include at least one or a combination of the following technologies:

Biomass, Biofuels, Biogas, Energy Efficiency/Conservation, Geothermal, Hydro power,  Solar, Waste-to-Energy, Wind,  Hybrid (a combination of one or more technical focuses) .

Please click here to download the “Guidelines for Submission of Proposals for a Pilot Project in Myanmar".  An  electronic  copy  of  the  project  proposal  must  be  sent  no  later  than  24  October  2013, 16:00 hours Bangkok time to the following e-mail addresses: eepmekong@eepmekong.org & christer_nyman@eepmekong.org

A hard copy of the proposal must be sent to EEP Mekong no later than 31 October 2013, at the following address:

EEP Mekong RCU
23RD Floor, Two Pacific Place
142 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 10110

For any questions regarding the project proposals submission, please contact EEP Mekong CTA Christer Nyman, christer_nyman@eepmekong.org
Telephone: +662 684 6840


Renewable Energy World Asia Expo, Bangkok, Thailand, 2nd – 4th October, 2013

EEP Mekong Chief Technical Advisor Christer Nyman will be presenting at the upcoming Renewable Energy World Asia Expo which will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from October 2nd - 4th, 2013 at the IMPACT Exhibition & Convention Centre. Christer will be showcasing the EEP Mekong Project and discussing how the project has improved access to renewable energy and energy services in the Mekong region. Christer Nyman will be presenting on the first day in Session 3 - IMPLEMENTING SMALL SCALE RENEWABLES TO BENEFIT THE ASIA ENERGY MIX.

Presentation Title: Improved access to renewable energy and energy services in the Mekong region by the EEPmekong project
Date: 2/10/2013
Time: 4:00PM - 5:30PM
Location: Jupiter 8

For more information about the Renewable Energy World Asia Expo please visit http://www.renewableenergyworld-asia.com/index.html.


EEP Mekong Newsletter 4

Highlights of the fourth EEP Mekong Newsletter are articles on Lighting Rural Cambodia with Solar Lanterns and Solar Home Systems (PPF-31120925) and Installing a Solar Powered Water System and Solar Battery Charging Station in Rural Cambodia (3-C-078).

To download a copy please click here.


EEP Mekong Programme Introduction Workshop, Yangon, Myanmar, 5th September, 2013

Myanmar has recently joined the EEP Mekong Programme as a partner country. EEP Mekong will be holding a workshop for project developers in Yangoon, Myanmar on the 5th of September, 2013. The workshop will introduce the EEP Mekong Programme to project developers based in Myanmar and give them insights on how they can participate in the EEP Mekong Programme.

The Energy and Environment Partnership Programme with the Mekong Region (EEP Mekong) (2009-2012) is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and the Nordic Development Fund. It aims at supporting wider provision and use of renewable energy and combating climate change. This is done by providing funding for projects, studies, capacity development and information-sharing related to the issues. EEP is a demand-driven programme and promotes public-private partnership.

If you are a renewable energy project developer in Myanmar and would like to attend the workshop then please contact us at EEPMekong@eepmekong.org.


4th EEP Mekong Regional Forum, Siem Reap, Cambodia, 24th – 25th October, 2013

EEP Mekong will be holding its 4th annual Regional Forum in Siem Reap, Cambodia from 24th - 25th October, 2013. The theme of the 4th Forum will be renewable energy with the main focus being Solar Energy. The forum will serve as a platform for renewable energy players, regional government officials and other EEP partners to discuss key issues related to integrating solar energy solutions into the future regional development plans and projects. More details regarding the theme of the forum will be soon available at http://www.eepmekong.org/. EEP Mekong will also be hosting a workshop for project developers on the 23rd of October, 2013 in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Download Registration Form


Results for Invitation to Tender 2013 for "Policy / Strategic Studies for Parnter Countries"

EEP Mekong RCU announces that the tender committee has finished the evaluations of the proposals submitted in response to our invitation to tender for “Policy / Strategic Studies for Partner Countries”, which appeared on our website on 27th of April 2013


Based on the evaluation results we announce that the proposal submitted by Emergent Ventures International Pte. Ltd jointly with LAO-ASIE Consultants Group and InsPIRE Network for Environment, “Policy Study on Biofuels Assessment and Development Plan for LAO PDR”, has won the tender by gathering the highest points.


Based on the evaluation results we announce that the proposal submitted by Sun Business Development Lda jointly with Emergent Ventures International Pte. Ltd. , “Policy Development to Support Solar Cooling in Thailand as Demonstration Project in Southeast Asia”, has won the tender by gathering the highest points.

We would like to thank all the organization that submitted a proposal for their participation in our tender and their interest in EEP Mekong activities.


Results for Invitation to Tender 2013 for "Policy Study on: Assessment of Ability to Exploit Geothermal for Energy Production in Vietnam"


EEP Mekong RCU announces that the tender committee has finished the evaluations of the proposals submitted in response to our invitation to tender for the preparation of a "Policy Study on Assessment of Ability to Exploit Geothermal for Energy Production in Vietnam”, which appeared on our website on 22nd of May 2013.

Based on the evaluation results we announce that the proposal submitted by Kyoto Energy Pte.Ltd jointly with E\N Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company No.1., has won the tender by gathering the highest points.

We would like to thank all the organization that submitted a proposal for their participation in our tender and their interest in EEP Mekong activities.


“Green Growth - the Nordic Way”: New web magazine  

What is the Nordic model exactly and how do the Nordic countries tackle green growth? A new web magazine from the Nordic Council of Ministers explores these issues.   


University of Eastern Finland - UNEP
Course on Multilateral Environmental Agreementsation

Tenth Anniversary Course, 4 to 16 August 2013, Joensuu, Finland 



EEP Mekong RCU new address starting from March 27, 2013

EEP Mekong RCU
23rd Floor, Two Pacific Place
142 Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey
Bangkok 10110 Thailand
Telephone : +66 (0)2 684 6841
Fax: +66 (0)2 684 6842
Mobile: +66 (0)86 902 1236
E-mail : eepmekong@eepmekong.org

EEP Mekong project opens the first large-scale biogas plant in Lao PDR

EEP Mekong 2nd Call project implemented by Thai Biogas Energy Company (TBEC) in collaboration with Lao-Indochina Group Public Company (LIG) opened the first large-scale biogas plant in Lao PDR on February 5th.  The plant situated in Naxon village, in Pakngum, Vientiane uses waste water from the LIG starch factory as raw material to produce biogas.
Biogas is a form of renewable energy produced by anaerobic treatment of organic material such as animal manure, sewage sludge or industrial waste. As a flammable gas consisting mainly of methane and carbon dioxide, it can be used as an alternative energy source thus turning waste products into useful resources.
Waste water from starch factories are commonly treated in open ponds which leads to produced methane being released into the atmosphere.  Methane is 21 times stronger greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, thus contributing to global climate change. Other problems associated with open pond treatment include contamination of water resources and pungent smells. Treating waste water in biogas plant not only avoids these problems but also provides a clean fuel for the starch factory. The BTEC LIG biogas plant is capable of producing 7 million m3 of biogas per year while reducing the annual greenhouse gas emissions by 60 000 tons. The produced biogas will be burned by the starch factory instead of coal in order to dry starch, which will generate cost savings for the factory.
The EEP Mekong project has transferred new technology to Lao PDR while mitigating climate change by capturing methane and replacing fossil fuels. In addition it prevents environmental contamination by replacing open bond treatment of wastewater thus protecting livelihoods and contributing to better living conditions in local communities in Lao PDR.


New CTA at EEPmekong RCU

The new Chief Technical Advisor, Christer Nyman started February 2013 his duty on the EEP Mekong region RCU.

Mr Nyman’s expertise in renewable energy solutions is well-rooted in scientific research through to his decade-long employment with the University, and Government Technical Research Center in a variety of research projects associated with renewable energy development and solutions with a specific focus on solar energy. Since 1991 Mr. Nyman has worked as an independent consultant in the field of renewable energy and has been involved in several international projects funded by various donors, including MFA/Finland and the World Bank as well as by the private sector. He has been involved in the preparation and appraisal of feasibility studies and related financial analyses; preparation of tariff plans and cost-recovery schemes and related grid/off-grid negotiations, design, installation and testing of various photovoltaic systems and power plants; and technical training and capacity building in renewable energy.


Information Seminars for 4th Call Pre-selected Project Partners

The Energy and Environment Partnership with the Mekong Region (EEP Mekong) organized Information Seminars on full project proposal and contract preparation as well as EEP grant administration for the 16 pre-selected 4th call projects. These Information Seminars were held in Hanoi on 8 January 2013, attended by 9 participants; in Vientiane on 9 January 2013, attended by 9 participants; in Phnom Penh on 10 January 2013, attended by 6 participants; and in Bangkok on 14 January 2013, attended by 13 participants.

Procedures for preparation of full project proposal and contract document and details of EEP grant administration were explained to the representatives of 16 pre-selected projects. They also had a one-on-one session with the Chief Financial Advisor for discussion on specific queries.

Project proponents are required to submit the full project proposal document latest by 8 February, 2013 (16:00 hrs. Bangkok time). To download the presentations made at the Information Seminars, please click here.


Third Regional Forum Report and Presentations

The Energy and Environment Partnership with the Mekong Region (EEP Mekong) held its third annual regional forum on the 20th November 2012 at Melia Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam. Theme of the forum was 'Policy and Incentive Mechanism for Renewable Energy Development in EEP Mekong Countries'.

Report of this forum and presentations (annexes 1-20) are now available. Click here to view.


Invitation to Tender

The Energy and Environment Partnership with the Mekong (EEP Mekong) and the relevant Ministries of the EEP Mekong Partner Countries (Lao PDR - Ministry of Energy and Mines, Thailand - Ministry of Energy and Vietnam - Ministry of Industry and Trade) are inviting tenderers for POLICY /STRATEGIC STUDIES for each of the Partner Countries.
Tender documents including terms of reference, instructions to tender and other forms can be obtained from http://eepmekong.org/main_navigation/document_centre.php#invitation2tender or contact Mr. Niels Juhl Thomsen, EEP Mekong Chief Technical Advisor and/or the National Coordinators of the Partner Countries at the following e-mail addresses:
EEP MekongRegional Coordination Unit): niels_thomsen@eepmekong.org, Mobile: 66 (0) 86 902 1236
Lao PDR National Coordinator: anousak_pv@yahoo.com
Thailand National Coordinator: prasert_s@dede.go.th
Vietnam National Coordinator: GiangPH@moit.gov.vn
The tender closes at 17:00 (Bangkok time) on 12 October 2012.

Beneficiaries of EEP Mekong Biogas Project in Vietnam - 2-V-061

For more details click here

EEP Mekong 4th Call for Proposals

The Energy and Environment Partnership with Mekong Region (EEP Mekong) 4th call for proposals is now closed.
Thank you for submitting your proposal

EEP Newsletter 1


The first EEP Newsletter describes the first 13 projects out of the 32 projects which are currently under implementation.

More project descriptions can be found in EEP Newsletter 1.

EEP Mekong Study Tour in Finland (September 4-9, 2011)

EEP Mekong steering committee members and national technical experts made a study tour to Finland from September 4-9, 2011. This trip was aiming at meeting Finnish policy makers and best practitioners in the field of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency as well as to participate in the International Nordic Bio-Energy Conference and Exhibition in Jyväskylä (Central Finland).(http://www.nordicbioenergy.finbioenergy.fi/default.asp?SivuID=28141)


Seminar on Promoting Partnership between Vietnamese and Finnish Companies at Greenbiz (Ho Chi Minh City, September 16, 2011)

The Presentations made at the Seminar on Promoting Partnership between Vietnamese and Finnish Companies are now available. Please Click here for direct access.

The Seminar was organised at Greenbiz 2011 Conference and Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on September 16, 2011 by EEP Mekong with the Finnish Embassy in Hanoi, Finpro-Vietnam, Finnpartnership and the Innovation Partnership Programme.


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