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Invitation to Tender for Policy Studies 2013
Information Seminar Presentations for 4th Call Pre-selected Project Partners
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  • EEP Partnership Contract Download
  • EEP Grant Administration Download
Third Regional Forum Report & Presentations

3rd regional forum report

  • Third Regional Forum Report. Download
  • Presentations (Annexes 1-20).

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Annex 1. Overview of strategy policy to improve renewable energy in Vietnam (Pham Manh Thang) (Currently available only in Vietnamese language)
Annex 2. Overview of Renewable Energy Policy in Mekong region: What are the obstacles/barriers, issues? How about the solutions, innovations to overcome? (Anthony J. Jude)
Annex 3. Renewable energy targets to 2020 and 2030 in Mekong countries: Related policies, strategies, programs, legislations and instruments to achieve the above targets. Current progress in achieving these targets (Romeo Pacudan)
Annex 4. Feed in tariff to support grid-connected wind power in Vietnam (Pham Trong Thuc)
Annex 5. Feed in tariff for grid-connected renewable energy technologies promotion in Thailand (Prasert Sinsukprasert)
Annex 6. Policies and incentive mechanisms for renewable energy development in Lao PDR (Anousak Phongsavath)
Annex 7. Policies and incentive mechanisms for renewable energy development in Cambodia (Toch Sovanna)
Annex 8. Successful development of Renewable Energy in Thailand: Policies to mobilise financial sources for RE development. The role of private sector in RE investment and financing (Prasert Sinsukprasert)
Annex 9. EEP 3-V-053 Project: Biodiesel Production from closed-algae growing systems using waste water of Ethanol Plant in Vietnam: The prospects for application (Truong Vinh)
Annex 10. Case study: Medium Scale Biogas Digester in Vietnam, SNV Vietnam (Matthew Carr)
Annex 11. Case study: Development and Demonstration of Multi-fuel Supply Chain for Power Plants and Industrial Boilers in Vietnam, Institute of Energy, Vietnam (Nguyen Duc Cuong)
Annex 12. TBEC Laos LIG Biogas Project, Thailand Biogas Energy Company Ltd. (Janne Turtola)
Annex 13. Examples of international private sector investments and financing in renewable energy in the Mekong Region (Siv Ahlberg & Hanna Myllyluoma)
Annex 14. Interlinkages between Energy and Livelihoods-Data, Training and Scenarios for Sustainable Energy Planning in Laos (Jyrki Luukkanen)
Annex 15. Vietnam Partnership Projects: 2-V-010 - Optimization of Household Composite Biogas Project (Nguyen Ngoc Thuy)
Annex 16. 2-V-098 - Setting up an innovative financing scheme for high quality technology Nam Tha 2 Hydro Power Plant (Nguyen Anh Dung)
Annex 17. 3-V-040 - Commercialization of Biogas in the Mekong Delta: Turning waste to energy (Phan Van Thanh)
Annex 18. 3-V-048 - Piloting Pyrolytic Cookstoves and Sustainable Biochar Soil Enrichment in Northern Vietnam Uplands (Tran Manh Hung)
Annex 19. 3-V-020 - An Binh Electrification Project (Vuong Mai Trang)
Annex 20. Renewable Energy and Rural Development in Myanmar (Soe Soe Ohn)

EEP Global
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4th Call for Proposals Information Seminar Presentations

  • Procedures for the Call for Proposal Mechanism Download
  • Developing the Project Idea: use of the logical framework approach Download
  • From Project Idea to Concept Note: use of the logical framework approach Download
  • Preparing the Project Concept/Proposal Form Download
  • What would Make a Strong EEP Project Download
  • Project Concept Note Formulation Download
  • EEP Logical Framework Diagram Download
Energy Policies and Strategies of EEP Mekong Partner Countries
Procurement Guidelines and Bid Laws of EEP Mekong Partner Countries
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