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Welcome to our fact sheets & brochure repository. You will find below all key information of EEP Mekong funded projects classified by category.

folder 5th Call for Proposals


pdf Biomass Steam for Production Popular #

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Project developer: Nam Thai Nguyen Ltd.
Location: Phu Tho province, Vietnam
Technology: Biomass (waste wood)
Project cost:  307,890 Euro
EEP Contribution:  150,000 Euro (49% of project value)
Duration: June 2016 - December 2017



pdf Commericialising Solar Home Systems Distribution in Myanmar Through Innovative Pay-As-You-Go Solutions Popular #

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BL factsheet reviewed .pdf

Project developer: Brighterlite Myanmar Ltd.
Location: Mandalay & Upper Myanmar, Myanmar
Technology: Solar-PV
Project cost:  750,000 Euro
EEP Contribution:  247,500 Euro (33% of project value)
Duration: June 2016 - June 2018

pdf Lease Purchase Loan Scheme for Solar-Roof Systems to Increase Competitiveness of SME's and Reduce Carbon Emission Popular #

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Project_factsheet_054_solar partners.pdf

Project developer: Solar Partners Asia (Cambodia) Ltd.
Location: Cambodia
Technology: Solar-PV (Grid)
Project cost:  1,297,780 Euro
EEP Contribution:  440,703 Euro (34% of project value)
Duration: May 2016 - May 2018

pdf Panawat Wastewater Treatment and Biogas Utilization Popular #

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Project factsheet_009_Panawat.pdf

Project developer: Panawat Renewable Co., Ltd.
Location: Ao-Luk District, Krabi province, Thailand
Technology: Biogas
Project cost:  6,857,059 Euro
EEP Contribution:  642,853 Euro (9% of project value)
Duration: June 2016 - May 2018

pdf Rural Development by Clean Access to Electricity of 7,000 Households via Mini-grid Popular #

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Project developer: Parami Energy Co., Ltd.
Location: Yesagyo Township, Magway Region, Myanmar
Technology: Solar-PV (Mini-grid)
Project cost:  9.0 million Euro
EEP Contribution:  500,000 Euro (5.6% of project value)
Duration: June 2016 - June 2018

pdf Sra Em Bioenergy Power Plant Popular #

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Project developer:         IED Invest Cambodia

Sra Em village, Kantout commune, 
Choam Khsant district,
Preah Vihear Province, Cambodia

Technology: Biomass
Project cost:  1,935,000 Euro
EEP Contribution:  450,000 Euro (23% of project value)
Duration: May 2016 - June 2018