EEP Mekong Programme supports clean energy projects in the Mekong region worth a total value of Euro 14 million

EEP Mekong Programme, funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (MFA) since 2015 announced four Call-for-Proposals (CfP-5-6-7-8) during which a total of 152 proposals have been received, screened and evaluated. 

Final evaluation of the proposals resulted in a funding decision for 16 projects. Several reasons related to implementation difficulties resulted in the cancellation of five projects, eleven projects are implemented with funding from EEP Mekong.

Total value of the eleven projects is about Euro 14 million with EEP Mekong funding of Euro 3.8 million, equal to 28% of the project value, or a financial leverage of 1:3.7. 

Country wise distribution of the projects shows that the majority of the projects are implemented in Vietnam (5). Two each projects’ are implemented in Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand.


Majority of the projects are in the area of Waste-to-Energy (W2E) with four projects, followed by biogas technology application with three projects.


Four of the eleven projects are supporting project developers in their project preparation activities with total funding of about Euro 900,000. This funding includes the preparation of feasibility studies, cost-benefit analysis, detail clean energy system design etc.

The EEP Mekong support to the implementation of seven full-scale projects is Euro 2.9 million at a total project volume of Euro 12.8 million, or 23% of the project value and a financial leverage of 1:4.4.

The eleven projects supported with EEP Mekong funding are shown in the table below: