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Workshop on ‘Financing Clean Energy Scale-up in the Mekong Region’ organized by EEP Mekong Programme

23rd August 2018
Bangkok – Thailand

One of the key characteristics of Clean Energy projects is their capital intensity. These projects require substantial upfront investments and benefit from low, usually predictable and stable operating costs. The capital intensity of Clean Energy projects triggers barriers for its development. Innovative financing structures play an important role in overcoming the existing barriers.

The ‘Investors’ Workshop’ will enable participants, both project developers and investors, to better understand what the barriers are facing Clean Energy projects development in the Mekong region, and what are the options to overcome these barriers from a financing perspective.

The workshop will provide an opportunity for project developers to present investment pitches for their Clean Energy projects in front of financers and investors searching for business opportunities.

Furthermore, the workshop will inform participants on what are the best available financing options in their particular countries and the Mekong region

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