About the partnership

About the partnership

The programme will run until 2018. Based on lessons learnt so far, the new phase of the programme aims to increase its impact and effectiveness by narrowing its focus on increasing and improving access of rural population to sustainable and affordable energy services and products in the Mekong countries. 

The aim is also to increase the climate resilience of local communities through local decentralized renewable energy solutions.

To achieve its objectives the programme will support commercially viable projects of district- or village-level energy delivery inclusive business models and renewable energy technologies that meet the needs of end-users and provide sustainable energy services that are affordable, efficient and of good quality.


EEP Mekong Regional Coordination Unit is located in Vientiane, Lao PDR

EEP Mekong Phase II is supported by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland with a budget of about EUR 9.1 million, covering both programme implementation and funds for project grants.



The overall implementation time schedule is divided into three phases: Inception for 6 months, Implementation for 36 months and Phasing out for the last 6 months.