EEP Mekong funded projects 

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EEPM-C8-028 Project

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Improved access to clean energy for villagers

EEP Mekong

EEP Mekong Programme is funded by the MInistry for Foreign Affairs of the Government of Finland. The Programme started in 2009 and will conclude by April 2019.

Objective of EEP Mekong is to improve access to sustainable and affordable energy services and products in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. The Result-Based Financing Scheme and Human Right-Based Approach are integrated into the Programme and implementation of the funded projects. EEP Mekong cooperates with clean energy promotion related government partners in five Mekong countries.

The EEP Mekong Regional Coordination Unit (RCU) in Vientiane - Lao PDR - was closed on 31 December 2018. 

However, until completion of the EEP Mekong Programme in April 2019, follow-up on project implementation incl. disbursement requests, milestone verifications and project completion documentation together with preparation of EEP Mekong Programme completion activities is done by Mr.Asko Ojaniemi from Hanoi - Vietnam Office and by Mr.Bernhard Meyhoefer from Bangkok - Thailand Office,

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